Load Plugin assets

Hi! I’m new to plugins and I’m trying to create one that includes some css and js assets. I followed the guide and put my .css inside /myplugin/assets/css but I don’t undersatand what should I do now to get the css loaded in the webpage frontend.

thanks in advance, best.

For the frontend, you always have to include your stylesheets/scripts manually in the head/footer like normal. Autoloading of plugin assets only works in the Panel.

oh ok! Thanks!

It works locally but when it goes online, my server refuses to serv the stylesheet of my plugin, loaded through : <?= css('/site/plugins/front-comments/assets/style.css');

The resource at 
was blocked due to a MIME type ("text/html ") 
incorrect (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff). 

I’m not sure but it seems that the Kirby router redirects the call to a unexisting page.

You have added your question to an old Kirby 3 post. What is your Kirby version?

What the error message means is that your style.css doesn’t have the right mime type (text/css), but instead text/html.

If you are on Kirby 4, your plugin assets should be server like this:

<?= css($kirby->plugin('foo/bar')->asset('styles.css'));

Not directly from the site folder

Thank you. Indeed I’m on Kirby 4. I open another topic if needed.