Live and local server - differents files


Is there an easy way to show differents files depending if site is on live or on local server, for exemple:

if site is on local: show style.css
if site is on live: show style.min.css

Thank you

You could include a config setting in your environment config.php

standard config.php

c::set('css', 'style.css');

live server

c::set('css', 'style.min.css');

And in your header.php snippet

<?php echo css('assets/css/' . c::get('css')) ?>

perfect, exactly what I try to do. Please can I ask you how I can use c::get in this case :

<?php echo f::read($kirby->roots()->index() . '...') ?>


In the same way:

<?php echo f::read($kirby->roots()->index() . DS . 'assets' . DS . 'css' . DS . c::get('css')) ?>

or, alternatively:

<?php echo f::read($kirby->roots()->assets() . DS . 'css' . DS . c::get('css')) ?>
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You can also hardcode the filenames but switch between two modes using the β€˜debug’ config:

<?php $stylesheet = c::get('debug') ? 'style.css' : 'style.min.css'; ?>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/<?php echo $stylesheet; ?>">

With that, you can set your local instance with c::set('debug', true);, but if you also want to test locally what would happen on the live server you can switch it to true temporarily.