Link to latest post

I’m trying to get a link to the latest blog post but can´t really get it right, any ideas?

Where do you want to link to it, in a template or in a text file?

On a template, I want that when clicking “Blog” it shows the last article

OK, here you go, the first() method fetches the first item of a collection:

$latestsPost = page('blog')->children()->visible()->sortBy('date', 'desc')->first();
echo $latestPost->title(); //etc.

THanks!, tweaked it a bit and this works:

<?php echo page('blog')->children()->visible()->sortBy('desc')->last()->url()?>

Well, maybe it works, but your syntax is not correct, sortBy() expects a field to sort by, so I guess this is ignored and you can just leave it out completely:

$pages->sortBy($field, $direction = 'asc', $method = SORT_REGULAR)
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