Link Preview defaults to Home Page

Greetings! New Kirby user here.

I’ve got my site up, but every time I direct link a page on the site to another platform (Facebook, Texts, etc) – it defaults to ‘HOME - Website Title’ and displays the header image from the home page.

Is there a way to change that so that the linked page will display its title and information instead?

I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly. Do you mean the share previews that appear when sharing the website URL to social media?
You can define those in the og meta tags:

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Yes. Thank you! I’ll check out the link now.

I am new to this and finally picking this project back up. I come from a WordPress CMS background and excited to see what Kirby has to offer. Where do I edit the og meta tags? I logged into the FTP server for the blog folders and don’t see anything I can edit. All I see are the images and article.txt, no html files. Would it be one of the txt files? If I log into the panel for my blog section, it’s a WYSIWYG editor where text can be inserted. Or do I need to click ‘code’ in the editor where the content is?

Did you buy a theme for Kirby?

The meta tags are probably coded somewhere in the /site/snippets/header.php file. But without knowing the project, it’s hard to tell. Each Kirby site is usually different from the next, so there is no prescribed way of handling things.

I am not sure if we are on a theme or not, as our Web Developer went ‘ghost’ on us. I am trying to pick this back up with zero Kirby knowledge (although the Guide and Community has been extremely helpful).

In settings, all I see is ‘Registered’ and ‘Version 3.1.4’. When I look on YouTube and other Kirby guides, I see so much more options/features in their site panel. I am wondering if we are missing plug-ins to make our site more robust.

I checked out the header.php file in /site/snippets/header.php and do not see anything meta related. If I attempt to create a new blog post, the only options I see is attached as a screenshot.

Update: if I click on head.php, I do see meta tags. Now will editing these tags be on an individual page basis? Meaning, if I share PageA and PageB on Facebook, currently – the default share preview shows the HomePage thumbnail and link description. I want each unique page to have their own preview information.

If you want to control the information and the image in the Panel, you would have to add fields for the image and the text in each blueprint and then also modify the head.php to use these fields instead of what is used there now.

Thank you so much. This makes sense now. Is there an additional guide on how to modify the head.php? I do have this link that explains blueprint better for me (

The templates section has info about templates, snippets and related files: