Link multiples thumbnails to one project

Hello everyone!
I would like to create links between the thumbnails on the home page and the corresponding projects, but I can’t do it.
Several thumbnails can redirect to the same project, such as the “le-travail-de-riviere” project.
Thank you for your help.

PS: I don’t know if I posted my question in the right section of the forum.
Sorry for the duplicate topic.

The problem is with this line:

<?php if ($image = $thumb->images()): ?>

What you want there is to fetch all images and then loop through them:

<?php foreach ($page->children()->listed() as $child): ?>
  <?php foreach ($child->images() as $image): ?>
    <a href="<?= $child->url() ?>"><img src="<?= $image->url() ?>" alt=""></a>
<?php endforeach ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

Shortened, didn’t want to type out all the code.
In the future, please post your code as code, for easy copy and amend. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for you answer, it does work!
I understand my error.
Yes I’am sorry, for next time, I will post my code as code, I promise.