Link: in textarea not working as expected

My client has just loaded the content into the panel and added a link in one of the textarea.

(link: text: Visit for more information target: _blank)

The text is inserted here:

<div class="twothird">
     <div class="text italic"><?= $item->case()->kti() ?></div>

The link appears on the page, but it is treated like a relative path and ends up on the error page.

https://[the URL]/

Anything I am missing here?

Happy holidays to all of You fellow Kirbyans!

That’s not a proper URL, the protocol is missing. Should be for an external URL.

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Hey Sonja,

OMG, it must have been code blindness that I missed this.

You solved it as always within minutes.

Thank you sooo much for all your support.

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