Leading digit in title causes error

hey there,

i have serveral pages whose titel start with a digit, e.g. »21 Basel«. Whenever i try to save those pages in the panel i get the error: »the directory could not be moved«.

is there a way to avoid this error – i is the only solution to remove the leading digits in the title?


The problem with leading digits in the title is that Kirby generates the folder names from the title - and a folder name with a title is regarded as visible page.

But you should be able to create a folder name without a leading digit and later change the title to have a leading digit, that should not cause any errors.

What Kirby version are you using?

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thanks for the reply.
i figured that the problem is caused by the generated folder names. the problem is, there will be new pages, created by users without access to the ftp; but i guess i have to check the server some times and »update« the pages.

Edit: but when i change the name of the folder, i also change the page url?


A leading number is not part of the url, anyway, the URL of a folder name like this


is basel.

I think it makes sense to tell your users not to use leading digits when they first create a page. Maybe you can try to use a solution like suggested here to modify the page creation form.

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