Layout field, control available blocks for each layout


I have a use-case where user needs to build pages from a limited set of available blocks. So initially I turned to blocks.

But some of this ‘blocks’ are two-column, and consist of one basic block on the left (i.e. image), and one on the right (i.e. quote). So I turned to layout.

But layout seems too flexible, and cannot be limited. I only want to allow for certain blocks to be added to a two column layout, and only one block on each side. I don’t want the user to add two blocks on the left column, three on the right. I also don’t want the user to add any kind of block to any layout.

More specifically the user should be able to fill a 1/2 layout with any combination of image, quote, text, and a custom page field. But only one on the left, one on the right.

These blocks could also be added to a 1/1 layout. Other blocks such as video, and a custom pages field, can only be added to a 1/1 layout.

As far as I see this cannot be configured, can it ?

/Edit, alternatively I am thinking about using custom blocks that contain the possible combinations of fields I need, limiting them if necessary /

Thank you

While there is this, GitHub - rasteiner/conditionalblocks: Kirby 3 plugin: disables blocks in layout fields when the column width does not match the block requirements, it doesn’t fulfill all your requirements. I’d go with the blocks option