Landing on index.thml and redirecting to index.php goes into error (Beginner)

Skill Level: Beginner, but i can google use Putty, winscp and so on bla blub.

What i wanted to do: I wanted to have simple logo is opener for my website.
Since i struggle with PHP more than with HTML i just added a index.html redirecting to index.php.

I added under my apache a index.html and there i redirect into index.php of kirby.
→ div style=“text-align: center;” a href=“index.php” img src="wappen.jpg
^^ Looks like the form doesn´t like code.

But Kirby 3 doesnt want to be touched like this and gives me the error instead of loading the albums.
I tried to google my issue but it looks like i can´t frame my question right.

I have 2 options in my head i could try to configure it over apache to use something diffrent than index.html so kirby still believes it is the king of the index.php. But this doesn´t sound like the right way.

I would like to tell kriby to first open the image as own site and from there into the normal kirby pages.


<?php require __DIR__ . '/kirby/bootstrap.php'; echo (new Kirby)->render(); ^^ This doesn´t speak to. And php i have 0 from 100 Possible skill points invested.

With Kirby, the index.php does not contain any content, compare to a static website. Therefore your approach does not work. Subpages are also not accessible with a .html or .php extension. Redirecting from index.html to index.php does not make sense. Check out the documentation for a better understanding:

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This is it!!!

so instead of linking into the index.php i link directly into my "

If you create a folder called blog as direct child of the content folder, it will be accessible via etc.

Thanks, for the pointing me into the right direction.

Yes, that is correct! :ok_hand:
Also, don’t be confused by the template files: They have a .php extension, but they only contain the basic structure of the page. Only the folder name is always displayed in the frontend.

If you have further questions, you are welcome here.
Everybody starts at the beginning.