KQL plugin - CRUD


I’ve got a noob question concerning KQL plugin.

Can we use this plugin to insert, update, delete data or its goal is just to query/read data from Kirby in a JSON object ?

it is intended as a readonly api. see https://github.com/getkirby/kql#no-mutations

Ha ok “mutations” means delete/update !

Thanks @bnomei

yeah since kirby uses vue.js router (vuex) for panel that is probably why its named like that. https://vuex.vuejs.org/guide/mutations.html

Ok so I can use KQL to Read data with a fine query system and do Create, Delete, Update with Axios for instance ?

yes. the kql is just like the “better rest” plugin just a tool to build more complex json responses with some graphql like magic.
for anything else you can auth and use the api endpoints. these support all crud actions. example:

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Thanks for your precision :slight_smile: