Kirby YAKME - yet another kirby markdown editor

Okay, but the field is a new field - not an existing field-type.

I did use the default Kirby textarea field as a start-point (copy/paste from the panel/src to site/fields) but the yakme field is totally new.

But the nice thing is, that’s 100% backwords-compatible with the textarea / other markdown-fields for Kirby;

It re-uses existing content, just by chancing the field-type without hazzle…

No problem, it was just a suggestion, because you do not provide a template.

Okay, I updated the blueprint and php example - thx.

It act like every other field - by the way :slight_smile:

Version 1.1.5 - 2016-07-14

  • Small adjustmens / fixes.
  • Optional image-check for markdown-images.

c::set('yakme_images', 0);

Markdown-images will not be checked for validity, when rendered in the live-preview.

c::set('yakme_images', 1);

A check will be performed when previewing markdown-images. When an images does not exist, a error-sign is showed.

Please note, Kirby image-tags can not be validated.

I come to Kirby from Textpattern and that had a plugin which was able to turn an Excel spread sheet into an html table. It was mearly a simple wrapper around a freely avaiable PHP spreadsheet library and it could only handle XLS files but it worked well enough. Shouldnt be too hard to build a similar plugin for Kirby. This simply let a user upload a spreadsheet file through the CMS and a special tag on the page determined where the table got generated given a source file ID.

The plugin died long ago and its author went awol but its in my github repo for prosperity if anyone fancies porting it to Kirby:

I just created this table-builder in less than half an hour :slight_smile:

It’s not a plug-in, or something; just a structure builder - where every structure is a table-cell.

To keep things simple, rows are added automatically and tfoot / thead are not supported.

Individual cell can be swapped in the panel and you have a live preview of both the table-structure and some of the cells-content.

I can upload the code, if you want.

This post went into the wrong place… AJAX loaded a post into a post… I’m really losing my way with all the options in this forum :blush:

@bvdputte Like I said - you can build tables easy with a structure-field.

Kirby YAKME - yet another kirby markdown editor

It’s not really a plug-in, or field or something; just adding cells as structures :slight_smile:

Nice! Thats pretty cool. Please do share the code if your happy too.

Having the excel spreadsheet working as well would make my day. I work a lot with clients that have tarrifs (as in hotels and holiday parks) or things like product specifications. The table builder you made is great if don’t already have to content but would mean a lot of manual entry in my use case. The excel to html table plugin would make my day.

Will upload the snippet right now.

Easy tables can be done with markdown, complex tables are… complex - so this snippet sits in between :stuck_out_tongue:

Here You Are.

Thanks very much this is useful :slight_smile:

You’re welcome - it’s not an “out of the box” solution (you’ve to code some things your self) - but it can come in handy as a startpoint.

Each cell can have it’s own #ID and .classname - but I did not use that right now :slight_smile:

I you have really lot’s of data, you can off course export the excel sheet to .csv and convert that to markdown.


I did not know that! Thanks for the tip.

I’ve not tried this plugin yet but it looks really interesting. I think that the PHP part can be improved. Maybe I can help you with that sometime after my vacation is over? It’s not possible to add issues to this repo?

It’s work in progress :slight_smile:

Basically, it’s 100% MDE Light (Markdown Editor Light), powered by CodeMirror;

I didn’t change one line of their code (because I want to be able to update both these libraries anytime, without actions / hooks from my side).

So basically, YAKME is nothing more than a Kirby Wrapper for those excellent scripts.

The PHP part is also very simple… it just renders a textarea, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But you’re welcome to (re-)write some parts - I don’t have the time to react on issues, that’s why I did not enable it on Git… sorry;

I decided to keep things simple and support it only here - because I think that’s better than not support / react at all.

Anyhow; I am also integrating support for Kirby Tags (they are not visually recognized at the moment, neither do they show a live preview).

(Of course you can always use them, because every YAKME field is rendered correct by Kirby itself).

…please, feel welcome to correct my code - I want to learn from the best!

Maybe you don’t agree but I would use the register set feature for the field etc. Then all needed stuff would be in the plugin. I also would add a package.json which makes it possible to install it as plugin with Kirby CLI.


I do fully agree - but both the registry and CLI are beyond my skills, at the moment…

(I only do Kirby “part time”, 95% of my work is Wordpress related / drawing comics).

So please, feel free to correct anything you see.

In the meantime, I will update some JS-functions :slight_smile:

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Any plans of making something like multiple H-Icons for the different headings? Some clients just like to get as close as possible to a wysiwyg editor.

So if you could add the ability to configure like this:

c::set('textarea.h1', 'h2');
c::set('textarea.h2', 'h3');
c::set('textarea.h3', 'h4');

Also if you could turn buttons on and off via blueprint would be awesome.

    label: Yakme - Example
    type:  yakme
    - h1
    - h2
    - bold
    - olist
    - link

Same as the enhanced textarea plugin does:
Could be handy

Nope, sorry! :slight_smile:

I want to stay 100% close to the original ( Simple MDE ) and wrap that editor into Kirby, without changing one line of code…

That’s the “idea” of this field; it’s the Simple MDE editor, suited for Kirby.

I like your approach, really!, but it’s different than mine; if you want multiple-H-tags, you can consider using one of these awesome fields (which do not follow an existing editor, but are both based on the same core as mine editor (CodeMirror));

The last one comes close to YAKME, but without the advanced preview / side by side / shortcuts / etc…

Each editor has it own strong points, so feel free to choose!

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