Kirby with database -> pages with an image field are created but not listed as draft in the backend


in my kirby database project i have noticed that pages with an image are not shown in the page list as draft. The image url is written corretcly to the database. The $comments = [] dump in the comments model shows all entries. But all entries with an image as preset are missing in the backend page list. A folder in the _drafts dir was created with those missing entries.

Any ideas why they are not shown to the backend?

So this is just a problem with comments with images, not drafts in general?

Since we don’t know what your code is actually doing, hard to tell what is happening.

yes, comments with images. maybe because the drafts dir is created only when uploading images? But why is the drafts dir blocking the display list?
Thats my image field in the comment pb:

            label: visual
            type: files
            multiple: false
            #required: true

As I said, I don’t know what your code is doing…

From where is the image uploaded? From the frontend? Using the Panel? How are images handled?

What is supposed to happen with the image? With virtual pages and images in a folder, you have to make sure that your logic takes care of this mix:

It’s just creating new comment pages from the backend. If i create a new page and leave the image field blank, the page is shown. If i upload an image while creating a new comment, the page is not shown.

If i create a new page without uploading an image, save the page and change the status to listed then uploading an image, everything works!

Does your blueprint list any drafts?

the comments bp lists all pages from drafts to listed: type pages as in the example.

From the top of my head, I don’t know what’s happening. As I already said above, I would need your code to test this myself to see what is happening and why.