Kirby validator and special characters

I have a problem with using the Uniform plugin and adding “special characters” (for a US perspective) in a form field.

Eg., if I insert “André” in a simple input text field, I get an error from Uniform saying I have to fill the field out. As soon as I change “André” to “Andre”, everything works.

The field in question is a simple input text field, and in the Uniform’s controller I am validating the field with the alpha rule.

Is there a way to fix this?


The alpha validator does not validate André, as you can see if you put this in a template:

<?php if(v::alpha('André')) {
  echo 'Yay, valid!';
} ?>

You could use match with a regular expression or create a custom validator.

I see, thank you.

I think using match with a general enough regular expression is the way to go.