Kirby Structure ID


Kirby Structure ID is like AutoID but for structure field entries. It uses a hook to add a unique hash to each entry. This plugin is useful if you need a permanent reference to structure items. Also see this post.


Just released version 1.2.1 with support for multiple structure fields, see new config option.


Kirby Structure ID has been updated to version 1.2.3.

New features:

  • option to add your own unique hash generator
  • support for placeholders on the root level


Thank you for the plugin. I try to use it with a structure field in my panel options ({host}/panel/options), but I cannot get it to work properly.

It works fine on a default sub page, but when I try to add the the same structure field in the panel options it doesn’t add the ID after saving the page. I tried (:all) and (:any) in the c::set('', []); option , but even that fails…


The reason is that the plugin currently only uses a hook and not a site.update.hook, so updating doesn’t work for the $site object.

When I find the time, I’ll update the plugin.


This plugin doesn’t seem to be compatible with Kirby 3?


No, it isn’t. But has incorporated this functionality


Ah, perfect. Thank you!