Kirby Shopify Plugin — Products fail to load (in panel)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to integrate the Shopify Plugin into a site I’m working on, but I’m stuck.

These are the steps I took so far, according to the plugin docs:

  1. Copied the repository’s content to site/plugins/kirby-shopify

  2. Set up a Shopify Partners account

  3. Created a Shopify development store

  4. Added a private app to the store to generate Storefront credentials

  5. Enabled all Storefront API Permissions (read products, read customer details, etc …)

  6. Set up the web hooks in the dev stores notification settings (according to the plugin docs)

  7. Added 'cache.api' => true to the site’s config.php

  8. Added the following template files to site/templates:


  9. Created a new .env file (copy of .env.example) and added the credentials:

  • shop URL
  • API key
  • API password
  • Shopify secret to authenticate web hooks
  • the Storefront access token

However, when checking the Products page in the panel, I get this error message:

[API] This action requires merchant approval for read_products scope.

I haven’t worked with Shopify a lot, but this makes me think something is wrong with the Storefront access. As I said, the permissions for this are set though:

Can anybody tell me what I’m missing or where I’m going wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.

UPDATE: Something seems to be working, at least something showed up in the cache after I added a product to the store. Nothing showing up in the panel still however.

Ping @tristantbg

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The plug-in is not using the Storefront API.
You should add the read scope on products on the API permissions just above the Storefront settings

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@tristantbg thanks for clarify this, everything is working as expected now. Fantastic plugin.

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