Kirby-sentry: error logging


This Plugin logs php and javascript errors to sentry.

What is Sentry?

Sentry provides real-time crash reporting that gives your team insight into errors affecting your customers in production. Each month we process billions of exceptions from the most popular products on the internet.
– About Sentry

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Not sure if this script to still up to date. For the moment it is working perfectly.

I just notice something. What happen if this line of code fail.

$error_handler = new Raven_ErrorHandler($client); (line 17 - kirby-sentry.php on github)

The error would not be catch by the Raven Error Handler.

Maybe juste add a try catch around your if statement.

What do you think?

Btw great simple script :slight_smile:

It is still up to date. The code you are referring to comes from sentrys documentation.

I don’t think the Raven_ErrorHandler is throwing an exception so noting can be caught.
I think what happens if Line 17 fails depends on your setup, the error will be logged where it would be logged without Sentry, I guess.

Good the hear that you like it and thank you for your feedback :wink: