Kirby repository - add GitHub Dependabot for security updates of dependencies?


I think this is something for you @lukasbestle @bastianallgeier. Some time ago you enabled the ‘Security’ tab of the Kirby 3 GitHub repository. I think another improvement would be to add the GitHub Dependabot to get automatic notifications about security updates for dependencies which Kirby 3 relies on. What do you think?

For reference, see this:

I created no GItHub issue because I’m not sure it belongs there.

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We have already enabled Dependabot alerts. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear and it’s interesting to know. I remember how I was able to see these notifications or information on other repositories and saw nothing on this GitHub repository so I thought it was disabled. I didn’t know you can hide them from other ppl. Thank you for the information!

You can’t disable them for other people, you have to explicitly enable them for each user or GitHub team.