Kirby-locator plugin - Filter the location of the City


I am using a filter to find the city compare with the data store on the content file.
Can someone help me applying that on my filter?

I’ve tried to find the correct code, but the filers won’t work.

Any tips on how to solve this?

My site templates:

<?php snippet('investment-property', [
            'investmentsales' => page('investment-sales')
            ->filterBy('Location', [
                'city' => 'Bath'
            ]) ?>

This is my content file:
Screenshot 2022-10-01

Thank you so much!

    ->filter(fn ($child) => ($child->location()->yaml()['city'] ?? null) === 'Bath');

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On a side note: It helps if you post links when referring to plugins, makes it easier for everyone.

You are a legend!
Thank you so much for your help!