Kirby-locator, how to fetch some (not all) infos for front-end display

Hey all, I am using Kirby-locator to assign locations to subpages. For context, these are a collection of projects with different info attached to them like: Location, Year, Title, Author, Typology…

In my blueprints, I have all that and when comes to the locator I have:

        label: Location
        type: locator

In my template I then have (among other things):

      $locator      = $project->mymap();
<div class="project-home__locator"><?= $locator ?></div>

Now, when I do that of course in my front end all the content associated with the locator is being displayed. E.g.

lat: 40.7127281
lon: -74.0060152
city: New York
region: New York
country: United States
countryCode: us
osm: 175905

How could I go about, when I for example I just want the latitude, longitude, city, and country to be displayed? Let’s say I want to get to something like that:

40.7127281, -74.0060152
New York, USA

I am not an expert I need a little help in understanding the logic behind this…! :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.

Please see documentation for the locator field, in particular: GitHub - sylvainjule/kirby-locator: A simple map & geolocation field, built on top of open-source services and Mapbox. Kirby 3 only.

Oh my! Thank you Sonja.
I was just about to update / close the thread as I found the documentation a second after I posted here. Thanks again!