Kirby Kosmos Newsletter

Maybe I will do something with Wordpress vs. Kirby as entities :slight_smile:

I’ve made a comic like that, using Android vs. Apple long time ago (bot-fight vs. apple-fight!).

At the moment, I’m making something else - hopefully cool;

A full-blown Kirby download-control-center :stuck_out_tongue:

You can add / monitor all the download in one, central place - force downloads, check stats, hide the download-path, etc…

Lol, that’s quite old - I made it when Android was introduced for tablets

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The first episode of Kirby Kosmos has now been published on the Kirby blog for future reference.

The next newsletter will go out on the first Friday of August and will be published on the blog the Monday after. So make sure to sign up for the newsletter if you want to be one of the first to receive it. :wink:

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Great idea with the newsletter. It’s very valuable.

I found it informative. The newsletter has already opened my eyes to things I didn’t know were available - like the job position in DC and that Focus plugin which is a unique (and quite genius) solution to a very common requirement.


Hey Sonja and Lukas,

having just read the latest Kosmos, I just chime in to remark that I really enjoy receiving the Kirby Newsletters. It’s not the boring banter that one can get into the mailbox but each time I find something very useful and nice, and I learn a lot. I am looking forward to the next issues.

A big thank you to both of you!

All best

PS: To Fabian, too, because I guess he is active here, too…


Thanks a lot for your feedback, @Kate, it really helps us to make the Kosmos newsletter better with every issue :slight_smile: