Kirby\Filesystem\F not found

Hello everyone,

I am getting Class 'Kirby\Filesystem\F' not found and looks like it’s missing from the Kirby core src.

Does anyone know how to update this folder?

Thank you!


What’s your Kirby version?

That folder looks a bit incomplete.

The current version is 3.6

Then I’d suggest you download a new kirby folder from github, Tags · getkirby/kirby · GitHub as you seem to have deleted some files.

my bad on the Kirby version, it’s 3.4 and we install from composer package.


Then you are most likely using a plugin or custom code that is made for newer versions of Kirby. in 3.4 there is no F class in the Kirby\Filesystem namespace.

oh ok, so this plugin says support K3 but 3.4 won’t work with it

That may be, after all, Kirby 3.4 is pretty old and no longer supported.

For security reasons, Kirby versions that have reached end of live should no longer be used in production. Also keep in mind that 3.4 is not compatible with any currently supported PHP version.

@texnixe thank you!