Kirby-editor: how to add a css class to my links?

I just switched from the classic kirbytext fields to editor fields, and now i’m not seeing how to add a css class to my links.

With kirbytext i easily could add a class like button to my a anchors. But how is this done with the new editor in 3.3.x?

As an alternative i’d like to add a custom content type button which in fact would be just another a anchor but with a css class already added. How can this be done?

You can’t add a class to those inline styles like links or bold etc. and I don’t know if and how these can be extended.

What you can do to add an anker with a class is to use the kirbytext content type and add a link tag like you did in the textarea field.

Or you could in fact add a new content type. You can find example extensions in the editor plugin folder and there should also be some documentation in the wiki.

It is possible to add a CSS class to the video block type. It already has an input field for CSS class. Therefor i think it would be possible to have that for paragraphs or headlines, too. I did some testing with the example block types from git, but without success. Hopefully this can be added to the default.

If there isn’t already, you might want to create a feature request in the editors repo.