$kirby docs missing?


I need to get the assets URL in Kirby 2. When I opened the Cheat Sheet, I saw that I needed to use $urls->assets(). However, when I tried to dump $urls in my template, I got an error that it’s an undefined variable. After fiddling a bit, I saw that I have to get a reference to this object via $kirby->urls(). So my question is where in the hell is that documented? I searched for a solid 15 minutes in the K2 archive and couldn’t find anything.

I see two problems:

  1. There’s no documentation for the Kirby object.
  2. Objects like $urls and $roots are not variables that can be used in templates, yet they are documented like that (with a dollar sign). It’s not mentioned how you obtain a reference to them.


Sorry for your frustration. As far as I can see, all the examples show how to call the methods, though?


We have changed how we document this in K3, so hopefully that is clearer now.


Yeah, it’s true. But if you’re looking at the cheat sheet only, you don’t know where this $urls comes from. Anyway, I posted here because I thought there’s a problem with the K2 docs after K3 came in and the $kirby object docs were lost somewhere.

K3 docs are far better, yeah. I got used to them and they’re well structured. Good job on that!