Kirby CLI - Invalid Kirby installation

Iโ€™m trying the Kirby CLI to create a new template and running into this error:

In Make.php line 42:
Invalid Kirby installation

I have no idea what to do with this :confused:
Any help would be superb, thank you

What version of Kirby do you use?

Hi @texnixe - I use version 3

Oh, ok, I thought so. The Kirby CLI is not compatible with Kirby 3. We are still discussing whether or not it makes sense to update it for use with Kirby 3, but for the time being, you canโ€™t use it.

Ahh that sucks, I work in the command line quite a bit so was quite hyped to use the CLI. Well I guess you guys know what is best but I really do hope that an update does get released :slight_smile:

I also found the Kirby CLI quite handy to easily update installations.

My use-case:

  • I have my own startkit - mrflixkit (forked from plainkit)
  • I clone mrflixkit for new websites
  • Sometimes I want to update kirby for a website
  • I can easily update mrflixkit via git
  • mrflixkit might have changed a lot since I forked it for a website
  • I donโ€™t want to pull mrflixkit with the new kirby version because of conflicts
  • in this case the kirby cli is a very handy way to update kirby

Are you using composer to replace the use-case of Kirby cli? I donโ€™t use composer yet. Maybe I should switch to it.

@mrflix Composer is one optional way to install/update Kirby and plugins that support composer (or the way Kirby implements composer), yes.

The Kirby CLI provided methods to add templates, blueprints or controllers to a project; things like that are not possible with composer, of course. So in this way, Composer is not an alternative to the CLI.


can you show me how you implemented your own startkit, so i can do it my way?
best regards :smile:

Using git. I cloned the startkit, adjusted it to my taste, commited those changes and now whenever I start a new project I clone my personal startkit.