Kirby calendar list event display

Hi all, I open this topic to figure it out what should be achieve with Kirby “Date” field.
I would like to display a list of event sorted and grouped by a date field.

I only assign the date in the single event:
i.e “Event 1” starts on October 10 (this is a date type filed)

I cannot understand how display the list of available date (and show the relative events)
Do I have to create a list made of single days and then use “filterBy” to show only the date with an event?

I quickly drawn down a sketch (I beg you pardon for that).

Kirby has the group() and groupBy() methods to make this kind of thing easy, see Grouping collections | Kirby CMS

For your use case, the callback would return the date in format ‘Y-m-d’ to group by day.

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Thank you @texnixe, so much appreciate your help!