Kirby and json call to external api services


for a new project i need to fetch content from both mixcloud and instagram, and display it in a kirby website.

is there any kirby plugin already existing working as a general interface for this kind of work?

else, do you suggest to look for a php module to handle this or simply putting together a bunch of kirby functions to handle the authentication-call and response etc?

eg. in python there is request.


AFAIK, Kirby doesn’t have utility functions to make http calls any easier.
People normally just use the functionality of PHP, like curl or file_get_contents and then json_decode etc…

There are of course also libraries specific for some APIs (here and there), but there are also many generic libraries for making requests easier like httpful…

You would load and use those in a Kirby Controller.



can help with making http calls.

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thank you both!

i just found this library β€” requests

seems what i was looking for!