Kirby 4 native focus point vs flokosiol/focus plugin

I’ve noticed that v4 now has a native focus point. I’ve several sites that use the excellent flokosiol/focus plugin.
Anything to be aware of if I would remove the plugin for upcoming v3 → v4 upgrades? I checked the docs but didn’t find any reference (yet) to the new focus point functionality.

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Unfortunately the syntax for the focus-point seems to be different (and not compatible):

flokosiol/kirby-focus: Focus: {"x":0.62,"y":0.97}
Kirby 4.0.0-rc.2: Focus: 77.0% 40.2%

@Gilles – is that a translation of equivalent settings, or two unrelated examples? If “0.62” would translate to “62.0%” it might help some folks script an automated replacement rather than reset all the focus points by hand.

See Migration to native Focus in Kirby v4 - regex to use · Issue #75 · flokosiol/kirby-focus · GitHub

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Ah, cool – exactly what I was thinking of but couldn’t have written myself!