Kirby 3 Many To Many Field

This plugin allows you to create many-to-many relationships between pages in Kirby and synchronizes them on both sides.

I created this plugin for a project I recently worked on, and as there were some topics in the forum (like this or the discussion here following the great plugin by @ola ) on something like this I thought I’d release it. It allows you to edit the relation field from both sides in the backend mainly using the update and delete hook.

Feel free to comment on the code or make pull requests as I’m relatively new to Kirby ツ

Tagging @texnixe for the next Kosmos issue as suggested.


I found a bug that could lead to data-loss. If you used this plugin in your projects, please make sure to update the plugin, as the bug is fixed in the latest, backward compatible release.
More info here: Sorting Structure leads to unexpected deleting of relations · Issue #7 · jonasholfeld/kirby3-many-to-many-field · GitHub