Kirby 3 installation help - images not showing


I have downloaded the kirby starter pack to develop locally on my mac.

I have run php -S localhost:8080 to start a webserver.

The site works except the images don’t show. I can see it’s trying to read the /media/ folder but the images are not really there, instead there are folder labeled .jobxxxxxx

The installation instructions make no reference to any of this so im very confused. I know it says running the default php is not recommended but then, what IS recommended?

I liked Kirby2 and used it in many sites because it was so simple and straight forward to install and deploy, but this seems rather unfriendly and opaque.

What do i have to do to get the starter kit to work properly?


The local server isn’t really recommended but you can get it going with this instead:

php -S localhost:8000 kirby/router.php

That should fix up your image issues, but Ideally though, something a bit more serious should be used. There are some options described in this cookbook guide.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I will give it a go.