Kirby 2 Documentation

I keep myself searching in google for “Kirby 2 documentation” or “Kirby 2 reference” without any hits to the actual Kirby website. From another forum thread I know that the old reference is still available. Would be great if you could create a direct way from the Kirby website to get there (maybe via “are you looking for an old version” link). I am sure there are a lot of Kirby 2 website out there which eventually need some fixes, so there will still be people in need of the old documentation.
You could also add a link in the footer of the Kirby v3 reference.

The link is there already


Ah, thanks. I guess my eye stopped reading when seeing “Reference”.

Maybe this is a problem of the wording as well. People are most likely searching for “Kirby 2 docs” or “K2 docs” and not for archive.

In my opinion a better solution would be to include a tiny link “Looking for old reference?” / “Looking for old tutorials?” and so on on every page of the documentation linking to the version select page.

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