Kirby 2.4 - Still big object output?

In the changelog it says:

Complex objects are now printed with their most important information only when debugging (PHP 5.6+)

I’m not sure which objects that is but I tried this:

print_r( $page );

On a clean langkit on the startpage it output 53 000 rows.

My problem it that I sometime do print_r( $something ) and does not think about that it’s a Kirby object. Then I will regret it, because often the Chrome tab hangs in the browser.

Does it have to return all that data?

Ahh, maybe this is my problem…


PHP Version 5.5.12

I just tried to printr and dump the $page and I get a super clean output.
I’m on php7.

Yes, the new feature requires PHP 5.6+ (as stated in the changelog)

I can confirm that it worked. I switched from localhost environment WAMP to XAMPP.

Benefits of XAMPP:

  • Support for PHP7
  • Can use fake mail submits to test forms.


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