Kirby 2.2 error with labels?

So i have labels for some fields and i get the following error:

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in kirby/toolkit/lib/a.php on line 56

if i remove the indentation the error is gone, but so are the labels… :smile:

      de: Menü Titel
      en: Menu Title
    type: text
    required: true
      de: Beschreibung
      en: Description
    type: textarea

did i miss sth, or is someone else having this issue?


Ps: Thanks for the new sweets inside kirby :smiley:

type:  text

Just a wild guess but, maybe try removing the double-space here?

thanks for the input, that didn’t solve it… for testing purposes i copied the code from the docs too ( ). but that didn’t fix the error message.
Only if i remove the labels i get no error message.

Hm, I don’t get an error message but no language specific labels either.

The error message is only visible if

c::set('debug', true);

but no labels :frowning:

Yes, you are right, I had debug turned off in my test environment. Could you create an issue on GitHub?

sure! will be up in a minute or two :smile:

edit: (hope it was correct to post it in kirby not in toolkit :wink:)

I’m having this one too :grin:

I’ve just submitted a PR which fixes this :thumbsup:


It’s fixed on the develop branch and will be in the patch release later today. Sorry for this!!

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