JS + CSS solutions working with Kirby


I’m in constant search for better stuff, especially JS and CSS. I share what I have found. I hope you will too.

Everything works with Kirby.

You can add items to the list, because this is a wiki thread. Please be nice. :wink: -Lukas


Using now

No JS I use now is dependent on jQuery. I’m free!

  • ki.js - jQuery DOM replacement (0,5kB)
  • ki.extended.js - jQuery DOM replacement extra stuff (0-6kB)
  • Rangeslider - Drag slider - No jQuery version (10kB)
  • RightHeight - Equal height on elements - No jQuery version (2kB)
  • Tabby - Tabs - No jQuery version (2.79kB)
  • Headroom - Headroom (4kB)

Will probably try

  • DOMtastic - jQuery DOM replacement (3-14kB)


  • urlify - Make slugs out of titles


  • SASS - Preprocessor for CSS

  • Prepros - Compiling, minifying, merging CSS and JS

  • BEM - Simple CSS methodology

  • BEM + SASS - SASS has BEM built in

Basically that’s a sentence you can generally say. :smiley:
Kirby does not control the frontend, and so every single library that works on static sites also works with Kirby.

I know! :slight_smile: I just wanted it to fit in the Kirby context.

I converted this thread to a wiki so that everyone can add tools in the first entry. Discussion can be down below if needed.

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