Issue with CDN for Thumbs

I’m installing the Kirby CDN Plugin and putting it in site > plugins > cdn. I’m then putting these lines in my config:
c::set('cdn.assets', 'http://cdn.[my-domain].com/assets'); c::set('cdn.content', 'http://cdn.[my-domain].com/content'); c::set('cdn.thumbs', 'http://cdn.[my-domain].com/thumbs');

The assets (css/js/fonts) are coming from the CDN correctly as are images in the content folder.

I’m having an issue serving thumbs from the CDN though.

In a template I’m grabbing the image like this:
$image = $page->image_mobile()->toFile();

I’m then calling the specified width like this:

The output does not give the CDN url, only the regular one. The same happens when I use the thumb method too.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a solution? Have I missed something glaringly obvious?



You are right, this is a bug since Kirby 2.3 because of the new component architecture. Could you please test the change from here?

Edit: The fix is now on the master branch of the plugin. :slight_smile:

Hi Lukas,

I re-downloaded the master branch of the plugin and this fix has worked beautifully.


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