Is there a way to use querylanguage in a block label?

for example instead of

name: Box
icon: box
label: "{{ blockdescription }}"


name: Box
icon: box
label: "{{ blockdescription.or(title) }}"

Where title is another field.

I also noticed that the field name always needs to be lower case (so I can’t use blockDescription) :man_shrugging:


Probably not, but I can’t even get a label like in your first example to work in

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:thinking: You should because it’s working in with me :sweat_smile:

You have to make sure that everything in the label reference is lowercase though. The snippet below works for me:

name: Text with media (image/video)
icon: image
label: "{{ blockdescription }}"

    label: settings
        type: text
        label: Block description

Ah, ok, thanks, I was on the wrong track. Since I always use previews, the label is quite useless.

But no, you cannot use query language here because all that happens here is string replacement on the client side.