Is there a way to set language when using Query Language parameters in blueprints?

I have a multi-lingual setup as a headless CMS, but I am not using the Kirby front-end or URL structures that map to the content folders in languages. I grab content using custom API endpoints that handle the language with a parameter.

When I use API queries in my blueprints, variables such as {{ site.url }} are replaced with their multi-lingual variants, whilst working in the other languages.

I actually just want the same value for site URL {{ site.url }} values as for the default language - these are just to grab data from elsewhere in the CMS.

For example:

options: api
  url: "{{ site.url }}/path-to-custom/endpoint"
  text: "{{ item.title }}"
  value: "{{ }}"

Is there a way to return {{ site.url }} for a specified language, in this case the default, not the same as the currently active language in the CMS edit screens?

$site->url() accepts a language code as argument, e.g $site->url('en'), so that should work in query language as well.