Is there a way to change the way I write dates on my website?

I would like to make an inquiry.
I want to change the way I write the date.
Now, it looks like the basic setting.

2021-12-25 16:00:00

<time class="note-date" datetime="<?= $page->date('c') ?>">Updated on <?= $page->date() ?></time>

I want to use it in two ways, but I don’t know how.

First of all, Like this.
→ December 25, 2021.
What should I do to look like this?

Can we just call out numbers for “Mon”, “Sun”, and “Year”?
I want to use it in Korean, too.
Like this.
→ 2022년(year) 12월(month) 25일(day)

You have to call toDate() on the date field and then pass the format as parameter, example:


Available formats:

If you use strftime as date handler (date | Kirby CMS), you can find the available formats here