Is there a newsletter plugin for Kirby?

Hi @texnixe,
I’m investigating if possibile to add newsletter functionality to kirby. As we release a issue every 3 months, I’d like to send by mail to my subscriber a newsletter with the magazine summary and editorial. It would be great if possibile to create a template just for the newsletter and send it by mail. I’ve looked for this on the forum and found kirbycms-newsletter-addon but it seems that is not an official plugin.

Another question: as I have to deal with a large number of files, pictures, I’m trying to build some bash script in order to rename files starting from the folder name, for example




In general, if you have some bash snippets useful to manage folder, files, images they are welcome.

The only newsletter plugin I’m aware of is the one you mentioned. What about using a third party solution, like Campaignmonitor etc.?

As regards the bash script, no, I don’t have any examples, but maybe someone else has.

It is generally a good idea to have different topics in different threads, makes it easier for people to answer if they know what a post is about :innocent:

With Mailchimp it’s possible to pull content from a RSS feed.

MailChimp will pull that content into the campaign and send it to your subscribers on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Maybe it’s also possible to send it only every third month?!

Hi @texnive, @flokosiol,
for professional mail service, Campaign Monitor, Mailchip are great tools. But currently we are working pro bono for this project. All the people involved in the magazine are working there for passion and love about photography. The magazine doesn’t have a sponsor or adv even if we have a great user base (AFAIK > 5000k subscriber). So this is why I’d like to send the newsletter with our own tool. I’ll give to the newsletter plugin a chance :slight_smile: I’ll try to setup it later and I’ll let you know.

With that many subscribers, you may want to consider using a database to store the users in. Kirby has a database class that makes handling databases really easy.

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With 50 million subscribers a professional solution should be the better choice here :open_mouth: .

5000k is 5.000.000 but unfornately is not the case :slight_smile: I just wanted to say about 5000 :slight_smile:

really depends on your knowledge and time though. and what your requirements are on sending a newsletter like:

  • html
  • text only?

while there are many ways to implement it you would just need a place to save emails … subpage / account / sqlite and a foreach to call on everything with for example the email function - just to give a pretty basic example.

I’ve built a simple newsletter with toolkit only but haven’t had the time to finish it.

What’s your idea ??

For Renaming (on Windows) there’s an app which is called Antrenamer where you have pretty much alot of options to rename files/folders to your hearts content. Not sure if they are cross plattform though.

An option to bash scripts would be hooks that rename a file on upload, if you use the Panel for uploading images, that is.

Currently I’m migrating the content directly from the file system because is easier than uploding it through the panel :slight_smile: But I like your suggestion, in order to keep the semantic for each upload in the future. Is something that is currently possible in Kirby (a link to the manual/reference is much appreciated)?
Or your suggestion require some php coding?

Sure, the Panel uses events you can hook into using Panel hooks, for files that would be the panel.file.uploadhook.

As for renaming the files, there’s the file->rename() method.

Of course, you will need some additional if-statement and regex to match your patterns.

Easy. I <3 Kirby.


I know this is an old thread but I created a newsletter plugin and maybe you might find it useful. it uses a 3rd party service called mailjet.