Is it possible to iterate through user blueprint field options?

I was wondering if I have a checkboxes field with options. Is it possible to iterate through those? I wanna show checkboxes in HTML dynamically based on what options are available in the blueprint.


You would have to read the blueprint files and there is a plugin for that:

Kirby itself only reads the text files that do not have this information.

Do you have many checkboxes with many options that would justify using a plugin like that? Otherwise you might as well store that information in a config file. It’s static data after all, not dynamic.

Thank you! And does this automatically detect blueprints in the user folder?

Sorry, I don’t know how the plugin works and what exactly it does, I’ve never used it myself.

This works:

$test = Architect::blueprint('users/admin');

Or to get the options of the field “myselect” from the users/admin.yml

dump(Architect::field_options('users/admin', 'myselect'));