Is it possible to have different positioning "sections" within a page/blueprint?

Hi everyone, I’ve got a home page with different subpages. What the visitors see, are cards which correspond to each subpage.

Now I have a blueprint with two different pages section, spectrum_all shows different cards than focus_all

    label: Unser Spektrum
    type: pages
      - section-spectrum
      - section-info
    label: Informationen im Fokus
    type: pages
      - section-focus

this is how it looks in blueprint:

Now there is an interesting thing, when I try to change position of subpages, it “counts” position of the page from another section. Here is another example:

I get the logic behind this, those are still subpages in the same folder. But is there a possibility, to tell blueprint, to count/position pages only within defined templates/section?

No, you can only ever sort all subpages in a single folder. If you have to sort them separately, I’d suggest creating subpages for spectrum and focus, then put the corresponding pages into these subpages.

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