Is it possible to check for unused fields?

Good morning,

I want to clean up my content files by finding outdated and not-used fields. I would define not used as “not used in any snippet, template, blueprint, config or controller file”.

Obviously I can manually search in my repo but that is not really scalable.

Is this something other people are thinking about or am I too Monkish here? :slight_smile:


I don’t think it makes sense to do this based on snippets, templates, config, controller or model.

What you can do though: Clean up your blueprints and remove fields you don’t need. Then run a script that removes fields not present in the blueprints:

I use this script several times during the development phase. It works :ok_hand: perfectly and has not caused any errors yet. Of course it is important to make a :ring_buoy: backup before.