iPad: swipe through portfolio

I made a portfolio website for my mother. She likes it, but wants to swipe through her paintings on her iPad :).

Is this possible?

This isnt really a Kirby issue, more of a front end descion. In order to swipe through them, you would need to use javascript that reacts to the touch events to change the page, or use an image carousel that can handle it like Tiny Slider or swiper. I would reccomend using Swiper, since it is capable of reacting to hash changes, which means it is capable of directly linking to an individual slide even though it is one of many on the same page.


Your mother’s portfolio is one page for one painting, first you need to change your structure for one page with all paintings using Kirby. Second step is to add JS.

As @jimbobrjames already pointed out, you can also swipe between pages by attaching the page load event to the gesture.