Inverted result in a collection

In my old plugin Kirby Scheduled Pages I have two methods:

$collection1 = $pages->scheduled()
$collection2 = $pages->unscheduled()

The first one is a collection with scheduled pages. The second one does the same thing, but the other way around. Therefor I wonder if there is a clever way to just invert the result.

This does not work by design but looks nice:

foreach(!$pages->scheduled() as $item) {

Instead of remember two methods, remember one.

But because isNotEmpty is a method built into the core, I guess it’s not possible?

Could you not tweak the plugin so you do this instead…

$pages->scheduled('true') or $pages->scheduled('false')

and drop unscheduled() from the plugin altogether. That way you are doing the hard work under the hood instead of having two methods for the user to worry about.

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Yes, that’s brilliant, should have thought of that. :slight_smile: But I will probably change it slightly.

Something like this:


If false, it’s false, else it’s true. Makes it a bit shorter. Also I use booleans instead of strings.

No worries Jens :slight_smile:

I love that plugin btw, I do hope it has a place in the future of Kirby :slight_smile:

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It will. :+1:

In fact, that’s what I’m working on. It may be one of my first plugins for Kirby 3. I will also keep the working Kirby 2 version.

In this forum I ask questions in Kirby 2 terms, to not spoil Kirby 3

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