Introducing: `Kirby3 Colorist` (or 'Brace yourselves - AVIF is coming')

Hey there,
I released a plugin for converting (AVIF, JPEG2000, WebP, …) / manipulating images, powered by colorist by Joe Drago.

One of the many useful features: AVIF generation (no hype, it’s the next thing !!!11) gosh

Seriously, upload hooks, Kirby tag, srcset snippet, multiple conversion options, output options (tonemapping, compression level, luminance, yuv (chroma subsampling)) etc included, but PRs welcome as always!

I wanted to play with AVIF (landing with Chrome 85, for reading tips on the topic, see project’s README) and didn’t want to wait for GD (good one!) and Imagick. From time to time, I optimise all uploaded images with a Python script, stripping meta tags and all that. Then again, if only there was a way to do chroma subsampling, compression & create next-gen image formats all in one go! Stop right there! Give it a go, and let me know if you hit a bump - for now, Linux-only (Windows binaries are available, but I can’t test them atm).

Check it out, let me know what you think, and have fun!


// Update: Next Patch Release will bring better support for AVIF, JP2/J2K, so stay tuned!


Brace yourselves - AVIF is coming!

I just released v 1.6.1 with some fixes and bits-per-channel (J2K / JP2) support, fully supporting AVIF generation even if Kirby (by default) doesn’t - so not only converting files in-place, but also resizing them to thumbnails.

It’s still kind of early adopters, progressive enhancement (cough srcset cough) - so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show, being fully prepared for even smaller image sizes :fox_face:

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I added the recent (statically linked) Colorist binary, added many (many) more options, fixed stuff and improved the code here and there - v1.8.0 out now!