Installing photoswipe plugin

Hi together,
I am trying the usage of Kirby and i am near to go crazy. I like to install but i not really understand the installation instruction. I did not use ‘bower’ or ‘npm’ or something else. I downloaded the plugin and copied it to the plugins folder. Then downloaded the photoswipe model from There i tooked the dist folder, renamed it to photoswipe and moved it also to the plugins folder. Then inserted the links to css and js in the footer.php snippet above the tag. But the last line <?= \ka\kirby\PhotoSwipe::init(); ?> i don’t know where to put it. Is there more still todo to get it work ?

Thanks for help.

That last line <?= \ka\kirby\PhotoSwipe::init(); ?>goes into the footer, right before the closing body tag.

Make sure that the folder in /site/plugins/ is called photoswipe just like the plugin file inside that folder.

It’s better to put the js/css stuff into the assets folder, e.g. /assets/js/photoswipe/photoswipe.min.js and /assets/css/photoswipe/default-skin.css.

Im using this plugin, but I can’t realize how to use the kirbytag with more than one picture. It’s a gallery plugin, after all… Looking at the documentation I found the example below - but what if I would need to have more images? Thank you.

(photoswipe: image.jpg
    width: 200
    height: 200
    quality: 70
    crop: true
    class: img-thumbnail
    text: figcaption text

The tag only accepts a single file. If you want an alternative, checkout the gallery plugin by @wottpal:

It also uses Photoswipe