Installation problems United Domains

Hallo all,
despite trying as many permutations as possible I have not been able to
make my website(not deveöoped by me) visible.
The installation guide says do a redirrect to the subfolder and make sure the .htaccess file is present.

The provider(United Domains in Germany) offers three different types of
redirect: Header redirect, Frame redirect and URL-redirect.
None of these redirects together with the .htaccess file show any pages.
Despite a new installation of start-kit there were no results.
Setting the sub-folder or the base / in the .htaccess file produces
unending loops with header redirect and URL-redirect. With frame
redirect just blank pages

The panel is unreachable. Now having tried as much as possible I would
appreciate a little help to get a normal working page.

Many thanks in advance!

No, don’t do a redirect. In the United Domains control panel, point your domain to the subfolder where your project lives (if it is in a subfolder).

Then in your .htaccess, you usually have to set the RewriteBase to /.

And exactly here the problems start. Pointing the domain to the subfolder results in what I described.Setting the ReWriteBase to / either brings an endless loop or absolutey nothing. United Domains has no Control Panel.

Have now reinstalled the starterkit(2.5.12) which produces an error page: Error

The page has not been found. The panel is not reachable: The requested URL /panel was not found on this server.

I am now marking this post as solved! Thanks for the pointers. Works with no Redirect and no changes to the .htaccess file. Just one small gkitch still:

Images: especially the background-image:
The requested URL /kirby-mt/content/bg3.png was not found on this server.
Anyone any ideas?

Cheers Jeffrey