Inserting snippets into article text

I’m trying to insert a snippet in my article text.

Available docs show two ways to do this:

  1. Custom tags
  2. Though kirbytext.extended.php, as shown in

For 1., I’ve written a custom tag that parses into a snippet, but it seems to insert before my article text under the header. I suspect that it has something to do with how Kirby processes Kirbytext.

Which brought me to 2. I took the kirbytext.extended.php and put it in the /site/plugins directory. However, Kirby seems to ignore this file and the final page shows (snippet: snippetname). I checked the Kirby docs and tried adding different tags, but nothing seems to change. However, Kirby does seem to react to syntax errors in the kirbytext.extended.php if there are any.

Is there anything else I could do to insert a snippet into the article text?

I’m running:
Kirby 2.4.0 Ubuntu 16.04 PHP 5.6 (but also tried 7.0) Nginx 1.10.0

Have a look at this post: Embedding Snippets

The gist you quoted above is outdated, that was the way custom kirbytags were created in Kirby 1.