Insert URL's as thank-you page submitting forms

I need to insert different URL’s as a thank you page after users submit our contact forms.
As it is right now, the system only place “message has been sent”. How and where can I change it?

I can’t insert any url in backend.

Hope it makes sence :slight_smile:

Ok, you want to redirect the user after the form has been submitted successfully. But what are your criteria where to redirect to?

Also, some code would be helpful.

We’re creating specific landing pages. Basically, the only criteria is inserting URL page /contact-thank-you.


Please don’t insert code as images. This piece of code only contains the form. But your redirect would have to take place in the controller.

This recipe has an example how to redirect to another page after form submission:

I can’t insert the code that’s why I uploaded it as a picture. I can’t find files as described at the page above.

We’re using Versa template if it helps.


No, that doesn’t mean anything to me.

Rather than the form it would be interesting to see your controller that handles the form submissions.