Including strings of hyphens in code blocks?

We have a lot of blog articles that have shell output in code blocks, and some recent ones have long strings of hyphens in them as separators. I think about 12 hyphens on a line.

The problem is that Kirby treats the first one of these it runs into as the end of the content field, even though it’s not four hyphens.

Does anybody know of a way around this? I can’t use html entities, because it’s a code block. I can add a space to the beginning of the line, which solves the problem, but it looks awkward. For now, I’ve replaced the hyphens with en-dashes, but that’s not optimal long-term.

If there is no way around it, I’d like to request that Kirby only trigger field breaks on a line that contains exactly four hyphens, no more, no less. Or, that it ignores lines of hyphens inside code blocks.