⚠ Important: Kirby 2 repos have been moved to new organization / New place for old docs


Hi everyone,

all Kirby 2 repositories have been moved to a new organization: https://github.com/getkirby-v2.

If your deployment process depends on this, or you are using submodules etc. to update your projects, please make sure to update your links.

Sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

The Kirby Team

Edit: The archived documentation for K1 and K2 is here: https://getkirby.com/docs/archive. You can also access it at https://k2.getkirby.com

Upgrading from K2: https://getkirby.com/docs/cookbook/migration/sites

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Why didn’t you keep it in the same repo, just using git version tags, like many other projects do?


Kirby 3 is a complete rewrite, which means that we changed basically everything. If we used the same repo, that would make it significantly larger. Also we need to keep issues and pull requests for Kirby 2 and 3 separate, which won’t work with a single repo.